Online LLM

Online LLM

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An online LLM (Master of Law) is a postgraduate-level legal degree program that is offered by various universities and institutions online. The LLM is usually structured for people who are law graduates


Offered By - 0 Universities

Course Duration - 2 years

Course Eligibility - Bachelors

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Online LLM : Overview


Online LLM allows law professionals to pursue a Master's degree in Law flexibly while working. The 1-2 year curriculum provides advanced legal training in areas like business, intellectual property, human rights, etc. Online LLM provides the advantage of earning specialized legal skills without career breaks. Graduates can explore global opportunities in legal practice, consulting, and academics. Leading law schools worldwide offer online LLM programs recognized globally.

Course Details

Online LLM is a 1-2 year Master's program in Law offered through distance learning. The curriculum covers specialized legal topics like international Law, human rights, intellectual property rights, corporate Law, arbitration law, etc. Learning modes include recorded lectures, online classes, moot courts, projects, and forums Electives allow customizing tracks as per interests. Online LLM helps build advanced legal knowledge and research skills. Reputed law schools provide campus recruitment, mentorship, and career services. Pursuing an Online LLM provides the flexibility to study law specializations in-depth alongside full-time work. Graduates can apply for diverse legal roles across sectors.

Key Highlights

  • Specialized advanced legal training to become experts in niche areas of law like international arbitration, maritime law, mergers, and acquisitions, etc. (The rigorous curriculum provides focused training in specific legal specializations through domain expert faculty, electives, and research projects.)
  • Learn recent precedents, case laws, and legal developments in specialized law domains (Stay updated on the latest trends, regulations, and precedents through courses on recent developments and emerging issues in the legal specialization.)
  • Develop strong legal research expertise, academic writing, and analytical thinking abilities (Extensive research projects, essays, and dissertations sharpen legal analysis, writing, and logical reasoning skills.)
  • Recorded lectures provide flexibility to balance full-time work with education (Self-paced video lectures and online classes allow working legal professionals to study as per their schedule.)
  • Assessments model actual legal activities like moot courts, client counseling, and drafting contracts (Practical assessments like moot court representations, case analysis, and legal drafting prepare for legal roles.)

Course Eligibility

  • Bachelor's degree in Law (LLB) with minimum 50% marks
  • Relevant educational background preferred
  • Legal practice experience may add preference.
  • No specific age limits or work experience required

Course Fee 

The academic fee for Online LLM programs ranges between INR 1-6 Lakhs for the complete course. Public law schools are affordable, while private colleges charge higher fees. Additional costs may apply. Overall, costs are lower than on-campus LLM.

Course Duration

Online LLM is a 1-2 year program comprising 2-4 semesters. Provides flexibility to complete in 3-4 years through part-time—classes scheduled on evenings and weekends to suit working legal professionals.

Job Opportunities 

Completing Online LLM opens up the following legal career prospects globally:

  • Legal Associate, Paralegal
  • Law Firm Partner, Senior Advocate
  • Corporate Legal Advisor
  • Legal Consultant, Policy Expert
  • Government Legal Officer, Judge
  • Legal Academician, Professor
  • Legal Researcher, Analyst

With advanced legal specialization, Online LLM graduates can explore career opportunities in law firms, corporate legal departments, courts, government bodies, legal research, and academia across sectors.

Benefits of pursuing Online LLM:

  • Specialized advanced legal training in niche areas of law
  • Develop expertise in emerging legal technologies like AI, smart contracts
  • A customizable schedule enables continuing full-time work
  • Become eligible for global legal careers across sectors
  • Opportunity to expand prospects in legal practice, policymaking, teaching
  • Gain membership in elite global lawyer networks
  • Holistic development of legal knowledge, research expertise
  • Build transferable analytical, problem-solving, and writing skills

Ideal for law professionals looking to specialize and accelerate their legal careers.

Other Specialization

Dispute ResolutionInternational Business and Financial Law
IPR and Technology Law 

Course Scope in India

Considering exponential legal industry growth in India, Online LLM graduates have tremendous scope across:

  • Law firms, chambers as lawyers, partners, in-house counsels
  • Judiciary as judges, prosecutors, legal consultants
  • Corporations as legal advisors, compliance officers, arbitrators
  • The government sector in legal advisory and policymaking roles
  • Legal process outsourcing firms as managers, domain experts
  • Legal academia as assistants, lecturers, professors
  • Non-profit, human rights sector as activists, advocates

With globally recognized advanced legal specialization, Online LLM opens doors to rewarding career progression across India's rapidly expanding legal ecosystem.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      

Frequently Asked Queries

Online LLM degrees offered by globally top-ranked and accredited law schools are duly recognized and valued internationally at par with on-campus LLM degrees. Leading law schools and universities that offer online LLM programs have international accreditations like ABA, AALS, and EQUIS, which highlight their programs' global academic rigor and standards. Graduates of online LLM programs from globally renowned law schools can seamlessly apply for legal roles, higher studies, and immigration across geographies.

Completing online LLM opens up excellent global career opportunities across legal practice as lawyers, legal consultants, policymaking roles in government, corporate/in-house legal advisory roles, legal academics & research, arbitration & mediation, law firm partners, human rights lawyers, legal publishing, etc. In different countries, graduates can explore roles across law firms, courts, corporations, legal process outsourcing, non-profits, etc.

To be eligible to apply for online LLM programs, candidates must have a Bachelor of Laws (LLB) degree or equivalent law degree from an approved recognized institution. A qualifying law degree is a mandatory educational prerequisite for enrolling in an online LLM program globally.

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