Online Global MBA

Online Global MBA

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Pursuing a Global MBA online provides the flexibility to gain cross-cultural exposure and worldwide professional networking opportunities degree


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Course Duration - 2 years

Course Eligibility - Successful completion of a Bachelor's degree in any discipline with a minimum of 50-55% aggregate marks from a recognized university.

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Online Global MBA : Overview


The Online Global MBA is a specialized Master of Business Administration program that trains students in international business management practices, policies, and strategies. It aims to develop global business leaders, executives, and strategists who can manage organizations and teams across diverse cultures and national borders. Pursuing a Global MBA online provides the flexibility to gain cross-cultural exposure and worldwide professional networking opportunities from anywhere without needing to relocate or leave your current job.

It is an excellent option for working professionals seeking to gain global expertise. The curriculum offers extensive insights into regional trade regulations, foreign market entry strategies, managing cultural diversity at the workplace, leveraging digital technologies for international operations, and more.

Course Details

The Online Global MBA curriculum is designed to build an in-depth understanding of international business environments, models, and strategies. It includes specialized modules covering Global Business Policies, International Marketing Management, Global Operations and supply Chain, International Finance, Cross-Cultural Management, Digital Technologies in Global Business, International Strategy, and more.

Learners develop perspectives on regional political scenarios, foreign trade policies, diverse workplace cultures, global consumer demographics, and world economies. Case studies on leading multinational companies provide real-world insights. Course projects also focus on solving real global business problems. The pedagogy combines lectures, case analyses, group discussions, and practical application. Renowned faculty members provide mentorship with international corporate experience.

The program aims to teach students strategic thinking abilities, business acumen, leadership skills, and global mindsets to prepare them for cross-border business roles. Options for interdisciplinary electives allow customized learning. Upon completion, graduates are equipped to handle complex challenges in worldwide business management.

Key Highlights

  1. Learn the latest global business management practices, policies, and strategies.
  2. Gain exposure to diverse international markets, foreign economies, and workplace cultures
  3. Become strategic thinkers capable of handling global leadership responsibilities
  4. Obtain flexibility to customize degrees with interdisciplinary electives like Technology, Marketing, Finance, etc.
  5. Build cross-cultural competence and learn strategies to lead multinational teams
  6. Gain insights into political scenarios, regulations, and consumer demographics across key regions
  7. Develop analytical skills to address complex global business problems and drive strategy.

Eligibility Criteria

The eligibility criteria to apply for the online Global MBA program are as follows:

  1. Successful completion of a Bachelor's degree in any discipline with a minimum of 50-55% aggregate marks from a recognized university.
  2. 2-3 years of relevant work experience in managerial or leadership roles is preferred by most institutes.
  3. There are no specific subject requirements for graduation. Students from any academic background can apply.
  4. English language skills - Some competence in the English language is required as the program curriculum and teaching is entirely in English.
  5. International students require clearing language tests like IELTS/TOEFL with good scores.
  6. A basic understanding of accounting, finance, statistics, and economics is preferred though optional. Relevant skills are assessed during admission.

Course Fee

The course fee for the online Global MBA program ranges between INR 4-8 lakhs in total at leading institutes. This is inclusive of all program charges without any hidden costs.

The Global MBA fee is payable through easy EMI options spanning the program duration. Scholarships cover 25% to 100% tuition fees based on merit and diversity criteria.

Course Duration

The full-time Online Global MBA program is typically 1 year or 2 years, depending on the institute and credit structure.

  1. The 2 year Global MBA duration includes:
  2. 4 to 6 semesters of 3-4 months each
  3. Academic terms comprised of teaching blocks, exams, assignments

The 1 year accelerated Global MBA duration includes the following:

  1. 2-3 trimesters of 4-5 months each

Career Opportunities

The Online Global MBA opens doors to a broad spectrum of high-growth international career opportunities across diverse industries.

Some key recruiter sectors and roles for Global MBA graduates include:

  1. Multinational Corporations: Global Marketing Head, International Finance Lead, Global Operations Manager, Strategy & Planning Lead
  2. Information Technology: Business Development/Sales Manager, Client Solutions Manager, Global Program Manager
  3. Management Consulting: International Business Consultant, Global Expansion Strategist, Cross-border Mergers & Acquisitions Expert
  4. Banking and Financial Services: Investment Banker, Global Wealth Management, Foreign Trade Finance Officer
  5. Manufacturing & Supply Chain: Global Logistics Manager, International Sourcing Expert, Export-Import Manager
  6. Telecom & Media: Global Branding Specialist, International PR Manager, Global Content Strategy Head
  7. Healthcare & Pharma: Global Marketing Manager, International Patient Coordinator, Global Business Development Expert
  8. Education & Training: Leadership Coach, Global Talent Acquisition Specialist, Diversity & Inclusion Advocate

Top global recruiters like Microsoft, Google, Apple, Accenture, Amazon, JP Morgan, Deloitte, P&G, IBM, Cognizant, etc., hire Global MBAs for senior international business roles and leadership tracks with average starting salaries of INR 20-30 lakhs.

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Why Choose This Course?

Here are some compelling reasons to pursue the Online Global MBA program:

  1. Gain global exposure and cross-cultural expertise to boost international career prospects.
  2. Opportunity to learn from renowned faculty members with extensive global corporate experience
  3. Develop strategic thinking and perspectives to handle leadership responsibilities globally.
  4. Build worldwide alum networks and professional linkages across geographies.
  5. Pursue a specialized and niche MBA degree differentiated from mainstream programs.
  6. Leverage flexible online delivery enabling work-study balance and no career break.
  7. Save time and costs of relocating or travelling through online access from anywhere.
  8. Progress your career to advanced global corporate roles like Global Marketing Head, International
  9. Business Development Lead, etc.
  10. Scholarships and education loans available to support deserving students


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Course Scope in India

The Online Global MBA has tremendous scope and demand across diverse sectors in India owing to deepening globalization, foreign trade, and worldwide corporate culture:

  1. Banking, Finance, and Insurance - Leading banks and financial agencies require global finance and investment experts.
  2. Manufacturing, Supply Chain, and Logistics - Global expansion of manufacturing firms requires international sourcing and operations managers
  3. Management Consulting - Strategy and operations consulting roles supporting cross-border business
  4. Education, Training, and Recruitment - For corporate L&D and global talent acquisition roles
  5. E-commerce - Omni channel retail brands seek global brand and marketing specialists.

Leading Indian and multinational corporations offer attractive career paths for Global MBA graduates in international business verticals and leadership tracks.

Frequently Asked Queries

The Global MBA curriculum is focused on international business management, covering modules like global marketing, international finance, cross-cultural leadership, worldwide operations, etc. It provides extensive global perspectives lacking in general MBA. The pedagogy also emphasizes case studies, projects, and experiences from leading multinational firms.

Popular specializations are International Marketing, Global Finance, International Trade, Global IT, and Digital Business. They equip students with niche global skills tailored for roles like Global Marketing Head, International Banking Manager, Global Supply Chain Director, etc.

Leading B-schools provide dedicated placement assistance through campus recruitments, global job fairs, internship opportunities, and extensive alum networks. Career guidance from industry mentors is also offered.

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